Nutritional & Tasty... Is that Possible?

Getting the right nutrition and understanding what you can and can’t eat while pregnant can be a minefield…. which is why we’ve done the thinking (and the cooking) for you. We offer women healthy meals at a time when they are often time-poor or not feeling up to cooking. Each of our lunch and dinner meals are a single serve.

Dietitian Designed

All of our meals have been designed by an accredited dietitian to be safe and meet the nutritional needs of women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying-to-conceive. Our focus is on tasty, balanced and nutrient-dense meals to help you get the most out of every mouthful.

Recipe Development

Our recipes have been developed by an incredible team directed by renowned chef, David Bitton. His team are parents with an amazing love of food, reimagining our favourites with a sprinkle of their french bistro personalities. Merci Bocuop Bittion and Bon Appetit!

All our Meals are...

Nutritionally balanced & nutrient-dense

Safe to Consume During Pregnancy

Free from Preservatives or Food Additives

Suitable for the Whole Family

Low in Salt

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

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